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     In 2015 a brewing company emerged in the heart of Anchorage, Resolution Brewing was created to start something new and amazing in Mountain View. Like many businesses, Resolution had obstacles in 2021 creating the opportunity for new light and change to the business with new owners; Lori, Joey, and Mike.

     Lori, whom had been born and raised in Mountain View and is a strong believer in corner stone businesses and "Third Places" being the building blocks to revitalizing an already rich, diverse and strong community such as Mountain View. She took it upon herself and like minded friends to try and bring back and create a social meeting place. A place between work and home. A third place where friends and community members can meet.

     Mountain View is so named because of its stunning views of the Chugach Range South East of Anchorage. On a clear day during sunset, even from the brewery, you can see the purple and pink tint of the alpenglow coming off the range. This seemed to be a fitting name for the rebirth of our brewery.

Alpenglow Brewery

     Jeremiah (the Brewmaster) is still with us and continues on the award winning legacy of Resolution Brewing, but now unchained and able to experiment and use higher quality ingredients then ever before.

     The future is bright for Alpenglow. We look forward to brewing even more award winning beers and providing a safe social meeting place for the community of Mountain View.

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